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Auditions for Theatre Baton Rouge's Production of Evangeline the Musical


Theatre Baton Rouge
7155 Florida Blvd 70806 Baton Rouge United States
Evangeline the Musical
Book by Jamie Wax
Music and Lyrics by Paul Taranto
Directed by Paige Gagliano
Music Direction by Paul Taranto
Choreography by Christine Chrest
Run Dates: September 16- October 2, 2016
Tentative Rehearsal Start Date: July 25, 2016

Auditions Information:
Children (6-14) auditions for "Evangeline the Musical" will be held Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 2:00-7:00 pm, and adult (15 and older) auditions will be held Sunday, May 22, 2016 1:00-6:00 pm with call backs on Monday, May 23, 2016 from 6:00-10:00 pm in Theatre Baton Rouge's Studio Theatre. Please call the box office, at (225) 924-6496, to sign up for auditions. Please prepare 12-32 bars of a song in the style of, but not from, the show. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring your own sheet music. You cannot participate in our production of Green Day's "American Idiot" or our YAP production of "Macbeth" (audition dates TBA) and "Evangeline the Musical".

Show Description:
"Evangeline: the Musical," written by Louisiana natives Paul Taranto and Jamie Wax, has touched the hearts of thousands with its beautiful story of the Acadian people. It is the story of family, of faith and triumph over extreme tragedy.

The beautiful melodies, highlighted by brilliant orchestrations, transform the historical facts into a stirring witness to the strength and courage of the Acadians torn from their homeland during the British expulsion of 1755.

The show was originally written as a production at Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge. Its acclaim spread rapidly as it played to sold-out audiences as LSU's summer musical and it was produced at the Heymann Center in Lafayette, LA. In the beautiful Grand Theater in Shreveport, the production was taped for telecast on Louisiana's Public Broadcasting and was met with such success that PBS chose to broadcast it throughout the nation. Baton Rouge Little Theater enjoyed a sold-out run in 2004. Continuing productions have occurred regionally, including several in Baton Rouge, Alexandria and Phoenix, Arizona. It made its international debut in Nova Scotia in 2014, and has been translated into French for a full French production in Nova Scotia last November.

Evangeline is a true testament to how book and score interwoven together transport the audience to another place and time, emotionally binding us all with the Acadians of the past.

Cast Needs:
Evangeline: (Female, 18-32, Mezzo Soprano) A beautiful Acadian maiden, guided in life by her heart and faith. She is the epitome of strength and loyalty. She has a love of life, a great sense of humor and a strong-will. In her own way she is a “spit-fire” and can match any intellect.

Gabriel: (Male, 18-35, Tenor) Evangeline's love. He is a strong, empathetic, sensitive man. He has a strong sense of justice and is loyal and faithful. He and Evangeline are a perfect balance.

Father Felician: (Male, 30 or older, Baritone) Narrator of the piece, the priest from Nova Scotia who guides Evangeline through her childhood and then through the chaos of the expulsion to find her true purpose. He is a strong leader because he is not afraid to admit that his strength comes from a Higher Power. He seeks to serve his parishioners constantly.

Praline: (Female, 18-30, Alto) Evangeline's best friend, fun, full of life and never without a beau. Praline is frivolous and always with a young man because she is in search of her “true self”. She admires Evangeline, treasures her friendship and respects her immensely. She is devoted to her friend.

Mme. Hebert: (Female, 30 or older, Alto) The matriarch of Grand Pre' and the Acadian village. Due to losses in her own life she becomes a beacon to Evangeline. She is the matriarch of the piece. She loves unconditionally through her warmth and humor.

Benedict: (Male, 30 or older, Baritone) Evangeline's father, loving, strong, and faithful. Basil's better half. Evangeline’s strength of character and loyalty is derived from him.

Basil: (Male, 30 or older, Tenor) Gabriel's father, crusty but lovable, hard-working father of 12 with a slightly negative outlook on life. Basil is the constant underdog always seeing the glass as half-full, he combats challenges in his life with humor.

Pierre: (Male, 18-30) The very loving, slightly dim-witted childhood friend of Evangeline and Gabriel. He loves Evangeline’s strength of character and has fallen in love with her, his best friend’s fiancé.

Matt: (Male, 18 or older) A young Acadian settler, he is short on good looks, good manners, and couth, yet he believes himself to be every maiden's dream.

Colonel Winslow: (Male, 30 or older, Baritone) The commander of the British forces in Grand Pre'. His loyalty to Britain is complicated by his friendship with Benedict.

Teen Evangeline: (Female, 12-18, Mezzo Soprano) Fun, consistent and compassionate.

Teen Gabriel: (Male, 12-18) A typical teen young man discovering who he is.

Child Evangeline: (Female, 6-11) Wise, strong and calm way beyond her years.

10 members of the Children Chorus: (ages 6-14) & 14 members of Adult Chorus: (15 and older)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or wish to sign up for an audition, please call the box office at (225) 924-6496.